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Shangri La Hotel Chengdu. More information:

At Shangri La Hotel Chengdu, you can feel warm greetings, stylish rooms, and the artistic culture of Chengdu showcased by nine famous contemporary artists from Sichuan. Conveniently located in the city center, guests are able to explore Chengdu's beautiful rivers, and the trees and flowers are a visual feast. Step into modern and spacious rooms where luxurious comforts are right at your fingertips. The hotel also provides a vast array of facilities such as the spa where you can rejuvenate yourself with an exquisite treatment. In the evening, try the Chinese cuisine at Shangri-La's signature restaurant, Shang Palace. Your meal will be served with the bold flavor of Sichuan coupled with Cantonese favorites. From where you sit, the spectacular views of the Jinjiang River enhance your dining pleasure. Whatever reason you visit Chengdu, Shangri La Hotel Chengdu is a must-visit hotel.

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